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Are you looking for a decorative birdhouse for your garden or home?


We offer excellent collection of hand-crafted birdhouses and other wares. Our bird houses are designed to offer a nice shelter for your birds. We have 17 years of experience in making bird houses and bird feeders. We use nice natural materials and the best craftsmanship.


Natural materials make very attractive bird houses. They breathe. All our wooden bird houses are made from wood from sustainable sources.

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Since 1996 we have been crafting artistic hand-painted birdhouses with elegant, old-world finishes. Each birdhouse is finished by artisans in...


Vermont Birdhouses offers a unique collection of handcrafted birdhouses for garden or home. Natural materials are crafted a full line of...

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A nice shelter for your favorite pet birds
Bird houses featuring a removable panel for seasonal cleaning
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